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A wide range of products to choose from.

Santa Blanca has been dedicated to the elaboration of wood products made from Radiata Pine for more than 40 years.
We have four plants in the center and south of Chile which allow us to quickly supply our business partners within the country, as well as abroad.
We take pride in our ISO 9001 and 14001 Quality and Environment certifications, as well as in the FSC sustainable forest management.

dimensionado verde (2).JPG

Wood with uniform dimensions and a moisture content of over 50%; traditional green edges; used for basic frame construction.

dimensionado seco_.JPG

Radiata Pine dimensional lumber, chamber-dried. This wood is characterized by having uniform dimensions.


Planed and calibrated wood; its moisture content being between 12% and 18%; it presents exact and precise measurements.


Within the elaborated products we produce flooring, ceiling, tongue and groove.


Dimensional or planed wood impregnated with preserving salts to extend its useful life, especially in hostile environments such as water, salt or sun.


Mainly used for fences, pillars for sheds and terraces, children's games, bases for prefabricated houses and decks.


Fuel classified as solid biomass. It is manufactured from the remains generated by the process of saw milling.

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